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The old saying "you get what you pay for" is so true. I was attracted to this company by their low price, and they were initially very

responsive to my questions and to get me scheduled.

The day of the move, they were to be at my house by 1:00pm. At that time, I received a call saying they wouldn't be there until 2:30, but they would give me a break on the cost. I wasn't happy, but what can you do? At 2:45 I called, only to be promised they would be there at 4:30. Meanwhile, the cable installers are due at my new place at 4:00, and I'm still waiting for the movers. I make arrangements to deal with that, and when they haven't shown up at 4:30 I call again, only to be told they are finishing up, are 5 minutes away and will be at my house in 15 minutes.

Finally, they arrive at 5:30, move a few things and ORDER A PIZZA. Now, I know these guys are tired, but I have been waiting for over 4 hours for them. Move my stuff already. That they did. Boxes marked fragile were tossed upside down into the truck, and came into the new house opened with many of the contents broken.

They DROPPED a dresser on the moving ramp, leaving 6 deep gouges in the wood, ruined a night stand when they used the handles to lift it and a hammer to jam the handle back in. They stained brand new carpet and I now have to repaint all the newly painted walls and trim in my new place.

The owner stopped returning my phone calls around 5:00 pm, and now his workers have ruined furniture, carpets, walls and many priceless heirlooms. To top it all off, they are now arguing with me, stating they didn't ruin anything and that it's no big deal to repaint my walls.

I wish they had just rescheduled for the next day, or cancelled all together. I am unable to get a hold of them at all at this point. I would like to file a claim for all the damage they did, but phones aren't answered and emails aren't returned. Here's the best part--I refused to pay, and they haven't tried to get payment out of me. To me this says they know they were in the wrong.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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